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     Greeting from President of the KKF

I am Ha Kyung Song, the president of the Korea Kennel Federation (KKF). I am really pleased to meet you through our home page.

Our Federation was established in 1945 as Korea’s first domestic canine organization, and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 1956. Since establishment, KKF focused on promoting the canine culture through various activities, such as pedigree preservation and registration, dog show exhibitions, and fostering of training experts in the dog industry and cultivation of the pet campaign. We are a non-profit organization that is striving to improve the canine industry.

Korea Kennel Federation is the sole member of FCI representing Korea, the first full member of WUSV. We proudly participate in exchanging up-to-date information on pet culture and share emerging trends in Korea.

Domestically, we are also focusing on preserving dogs’ pedigree by adopting a world class system and as such, contracted a business agreement with AKC, KC and CKC. This system was adopted in 2007 for the first time in the Korean canine organization, to become a global kennel club.

We are also working to improve the relevant industries, such as developing computerized system for blood administration, microchip DNA examination and qualification test, and certificate of qualification issuance for groomer. In addition, we are focusing on nurturing canine specialists by creating qualification programs and contests, as well as holding seminars and contests. We were the first in Korea to have the trimmer, trainer, and handler certificates be approved by the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

We promise to continue to establish a global standard pet culture and animal rights spirit.

Thank you,





     Presentation of our organization

Korea Kennel Federation, the representative canine organization of the Republic of Korea, was established in 1945 and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry in 1956

Since the establishment, KKF has focused on promoting the canine culture, computerizing the pedigrees for dogs, hosting dog shows and propelling other canine related activities as a non-profit canine organization.

In 1989 the Korea Kennel Federation became a full member of the FCI and is now representing the canine organizations of Korea. In that year, the KKF also joined the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Associations (WUSV) as a regular member.

The Korea Kennel Federation has business relationship with WUSV, AKC, KC and CKC.

We are trying most constantly in balance related industry development of medicine surgical operation such as computerization system for blood administration, microchip DNA examination and qualification test, certificate of qualifications issuance for pet trimmer that is getting into the spotlight by promising occupation, handler, dog trainer and rearing the professional career man for the right man for the right place.



     Activities of the KKF

  1) Provision of rules and regulations
The Korea Kennel Federation upgrades rules and regulations for breed standard, dog shows, national champions, groomers and professionals related to canine industry.

  2) Registration and administration of dog pedigrees
Registration and administration of dog pedigrees is the basic work that protects the pure bred dogs. Pedigrees issued by the KKF guarantee accuracy and authenticity. International certified pedigrees issued by the KKF are accepted by FCI, WUSV, AKC, KC and CKC.

  3) Registration and administration of international kennel names
A kennel name is family name of a dog. The international kennel name that has produced many distinguished dogs becomes famous within the canine world.

  4) Holding the international FCI and KKF dog shows
The hosting of dog shows is the basic activity of the KKF that can be enjoyed by dog-loving general public as well as by professional breeders and handlers.

The first FCI international dog show organized by KKF was held in October 1994. Today, the KKF organizes around 50 dog shows per year including international FCI dog shows, AKU championship dog shows, KKF championship dog shows and special breed shows. The shows are officiated by foreign international judges and KKF judges.

  5) Issuing certificates for certain professionals
The KKF holds workshops and seminars and qualification test in order to train various professionals. It issues certificates for groomers, handlers, and trainers with different grades according to ability.

  6) Cooperation with institutions
The KKF cooperates with many universities and canine institutions in order to train young professionals, exchange information and promote canine culture.

  7) Microchip operation and DNA examination
With view regard to the scientific consideration management of dogs, the KKF cooperates with institutions that are authorized microchip operations and are equipped to carry out DNA examinations.

  8) Pet campaign
Basic activities of the KKF with regard to canine culture include public pet etiquette campaigns, campaigns to prevent the abandonment of dogs and campaigns against dog meat. The KKF contributes to the development of educational measures to encourage children and youngsters to love animals, including especially dogs. It also engages in the deployment and training of rescue dogs, guide dogs and search dogs.

  9) Registration of the national Korean breed
Korea Jindo Dog was finally recognized by the FCI as FCI official dog breed (No.334) in July 2005. The KKF is working for the official recognition of other native Korean dog breeds such as the Sapsari and the Pungsan Dog.

  10) Public relations
The KKF has already published a number of books and papers related to dogs, including breed standards, text book for handlers/ groomers, periodicals and other materials. It is currently working on manuals for trainers and an agility text book.



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